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This section is for things directly for sale on this site. Including All Insulators - Crown Jewels of the Wire Magazine.

Back issue (Print): SUMMER 2019 - 50.2

  • Back issue (Print): SUMMER 2019 - 50.2
Summer 2019 - 50.2

Letter From the Editor
How to Write a Show Report
A Quick Trip to France and Switzerland
Worldwide Insulators
Numbering Chart Updates
Porcelain Insulator News
Vanishing Pole Lines
The Fred Locke Chronicles
Maple Leaf Lines
Brookfield Roman Helmet
Unity Pin Found
Left Coast Lines
A Call for Greater Efficiency
Identification, Reference, & Price Guide
Great Helmets Continued
Hunts and Finds - Two more CD 141.7 Twiggs found!
Insulators For Kids
Classified Ads
Hunts and Finds - Dark Cornflower Dominion found
Upcoming Shows


Back issue: SUMMER 2019 - 50.2


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Teespring store

All Insulators - Crown Jewels of the Wire Merchandise Information

There are also some items continuously available such as die- cut stickers of the CD 265 Fisher (our mascot insulator), All Insulators - Crown Jewels of the Wire logo, coffee mug with our logo and several different types of insulators. Mug is available in 20 colors! An insulator pillow (my personal favorite item, so cool!) that has many different types of insulators on it. Several different types and colors of T-shirts and sweatshirts.

Samples of other merchandise

Cafe Press store

All Insulators Merchandise Information

Below you will find examples of insulator related T-Shirts, coffee mugs, beverage glasses and more. The designs are from old (out of copyright) ads (and patents) for insulators. The ads have been colorized to add some pop! I plan on creating some original designs too. If you have ideas of an insulator related item you would love to see, contact me and I will see what I can do.

All items are available for purchase on All Insulators Cafe Press page. On the Cafe Press page you can see a sample of the items available along with pricing and can buy directly from the online store.

Designs available on T-shirts, coffee mugs, drinking glasses, calendars posters and notebooks.

The Designs

  • Patent Dec. 19, 1871

    Hemingray Patent for threaded glass insulators. Insulator on patent has been colorized to add some pop. Features a CD 127.4

  • Brookfield Power

    Vintage ad for Brookfield Glass Company manufactures of glass insulators. Ad has been colorized with a purple and green insulator. Cable top power insulator has been colorized green. Looks like a CD 272

  • Brookfield 2

    Vintage ad for Brookfield Glass company manufactures of glass insulators. Ad has been colorized with a purple and green insulator.

  • Brookfield CD 119

    Vintage catalog page for Brookfield Glass Company. This is of an "O'Brien's patent" CD 119 insulator.

  • Locke Patent

    Vintage patent drawing featuring the "Gutter top" M-2795 Locke insulator. Patent drawing has been colorize to look like the actual insulator.

  • Standard

    Vintage ad for Hemingray Glass Company. With four insulators with "Standard" ad slogan.

  • Specify Hemingray

    Vintage ad that was colorized featuring Hemingray Glass Company. "Specify Hemingray" slogan on ad.

  • Teats On the Petticoat

    Products featuring vintage Hemingray ad with the saying "See the teats on the petticoat".

  • Hemingray Standard Logo

    The famous "Hemingray standard" logo for glass insulators

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