Submitting photos for site: if you are submitting a photo for use on the site, please use the form on the page for the insulator type you are submitting. IE: Glass (CD), Unipart Porcelain (U), Multipart Porcelain (M), Suspension Type (ST), Porcelain Guy Strains (GS). Then click the “Submit Insulators” Tab

To contact me about Insulator related matters, use the below form. If you have a photo of the item you have a question about, that will help. Please attach it to one of the 4 photo fields.

Please look over the site before contacting me with questions about a specific insulator, I have spent countless hours creating this site and you most likely will find the answer you are looking for. If not feel free to contact me.

NOTE: NO COMMERCIAL REQUESTS. This site is for collectors of insulators and not related to the selling of new production units.