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Welcome to All Insulators.

What is All Insulators?

This website is a place for photos of ALL insulators – not just glass from North America. This is a place where you will find photos and information on insulators from around the world! Whatever you collect – glass or porcelain, domestic or import -- this website is for you.

All Insulators, Crown Jewels of the Wire Magazine

This website is also the home for the insulator hobbies official magazine, All Insulators, Crown Jewels of the Wire Magazine. The official Magazine of the hobby since 1969!

My Goal.

I hope to get a photo of each known CD, U, M, ST and GS-numbered insulator from inside and outside the US. The site is continually growing. In fact, it is the only website with a complete gallery of all reported styles of US Battery rest insulators, largest curated photo gallery of Unipart and Multipart style insulators and home to two identification systems (ST and GS)

Contribute a photo to the project.

If you have an insulator not posted on this site, please go to the range of the insulator you have (CD, U, M, ST or GS) then click on the “Submit Insulators” tab. Also be sure to read the info. on how to properly photograph the insulator.

About the Layout.

Insulators are organized by their CD, U, M, ST or GS number. Each entry includes information of known manufacturer or marking and the country the insulator is from. Instead of segregating the insulators by country, I am showing the insulators in linear order within there numbering system, I feel it flows better that way. The new Version 2 of Allinsualtors.com now uses the latest mobile technology called ”Responsive design”, meaning the layout will optimize its self for the device you are on. Also, if you are on a HiDPI display (Called Retina displays on Apple devices) you will notice razor sharp images and graphics!

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