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2020 Show table


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All Insulators Merchandise Information

Below you will find examples of insulator related T-Shirts, coffee mugs, beverage glasses and more. The designs are from old (out of copyright) ads (and patents) for insulators. The ads have been colorized to add some pop! I plan on creating some original designs too. If you have ideas of an insulator related item you would love to see, contact me and I will see what I can do.

All items are available for purchase on All Insulators Cafe Press page. On the Cafe Press page you can see a sample of the items available along with pricing and can buy directly from the online store.

Designs available on T-shirts, coffee mugs, drinking glasses, calendars posters and notebooks.

The Designs

  • Patent Dec. 19, 1871

    Hemingray Patent for threaded glass insulators. Insulator on patent has been colorized to add some pop. Features a CD 127.4

  • Brookfield Power

    Vintage ad for Brookfield Glass Company manufactures of glass insulators. Ad has been colorized with a purple and green insulator. Cable top power insulator has been colorized green. Looks like a CD 272

  • Brookfield 2

    Vintage ad for Brookfield Glass company manufactures of glass insulators. Ad has been colorized with a purple and green insulator.

  • Brookfield CD 119

    Vintage catalog page for Brookfield Glass Company. This is of an "O'Brien's patent" CD 119 insulator.

  • Locke Patent

    Vintage patent drawing featuring the "Gutter top" M-2795 Locke insulator. Patent drawing has been colorize to look like the actual insulator.

  • Standard

    Vintage ad for Hemingray Glass Company. With four insulators with "Standard" ad slogan.

  • Specify Hemingray

    Vintage ad that was colorized featuring Hemingray Glass Company. "Specify Hemingray" slogan on ad.

  • Teats On the Petticoat

    Products featuring vintage Hemingray ad with the saying "See the teats on the petticoat".

  • Hemingray Standard Logo

    The famous "Hemingray standard" logo for glass insulators

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